Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I have always, and will always be, a complete romantic at heart.  I just can’t help myself.  I love romance and all that it encompasses!  My hubby, bless his heart, has always known this and so we have always made a big deal out of celebrating Valentine’s Day.  Then as fate would have it, the day we officially adopted our beloved son, was the 14th February.  So now Valentine’s Day is a family occasion and we celebrate it every year by doing something special. 
So being mad about baking and having men folk in my home who adore my cooking, I went out and bought lovely wee heart shaped baking pans and dishes with the intention of creating something really yummy to delight them. 

However, this year although we exchanged cards and gifts, hubby and I were to spend the day in the hospital while I underwent a rather unpleasant test to check for a sinister disease.  I was a complete basket case the day before and did not do the baking I had wanted to.  I felt like such a failure for letting my boys down.  Today I was a mess…crying, freaking out and very frightened.  But at the risk of sounding super pathetic and corny, the thing that got me through was love.  Hubby was there throughout most of the procedure, holding my hand, making terrible jokes and telling me about good times yet to come.  When I had to be alone, I thought of my little boy and how blessed I am to be his Mother.  I remembered his darling baby years and thought of all the little things I want to share with him while he is a child and as he grows up.  I know for me, the meaning of life is simple – its love.  It’s the greatest human experience that our life journey has to offer. 

Happy valentine's day dear friends!  May your life be filled with love...xxxx


  1. Oh bless you. I think you are completely forgiven for being a bit of a heap, it must have been terribly frightening. There will be plenty of time for cakes - you didn't let your boys down at all.

    I do hope all turned out ok.

    Heather x

  2. Oh darling girl! I didn't know and now I feel terrible. It's too late to call now but I'll ring tomorrow. Take care gorgeous - I hope all is well. You can bake heart shaped treats anytime - for now just 'be'. Lots of love, Leah xxxx

  3. I do hope everything turns out ok for you! I just discovered your blog and thought I'd stop by and say 'hello' x

    1. Thanks so much and welcome to my blog :-) I just had a wee peek at your blog and it is gorgeous! I think you've found yourself a new follower. Becks x

  4. Please tell us you got the all clear. Please.

    Love does carry us through the darkest times. It's not corney at all. You can back to your hearts content now the nasty procedure it out of the way.

    Thank you so much for the award. I love this kind of thing so I will do it properly. But there are soooooooo many awards flying around that I might not do it till all the hubbub has stopped. At least, what I mean is I will do the post now but I'll publish it in a while. One of the reasons for this is that when there are so many being passed around readers get lazy and don't follow the link to the blogs mentioned and I think it would be nice for people to swing by yours and say hello.


    1. Hi hon, thanks for dropping by. I wont get the results until the 15 March (waaah), so will just have to stay strong till then...but honestly, even sad tv commercials are making me cry these days, lol!

      No worries about the award - there do seem to be a ton of them flying about! Oh you always make me smile - really you should write a book with that wit of yours. Becks xxx