Saturday, 28 April 2012


 Ugh, I have the nasty flu at the moment and feel rather rotten, but I was so touched to be nominated for the Sunshine Award by the lovely Lily at and the gorgeous Marina at   Thank you so much!

From my understanding of the rules I have to nominate 5 blogs that always brighten my day and answer a few questions about myself.  The first part is soooo hard as there are so many wonderful blogs that I love, but here are a special few that always delight me:

I know a lot of bloggers are not really into the awards scene and that is totally cool.  I just wanted to pass it on, as sometimes we all need a little extra sunshine in our day!

Now the questions…hmmm:

1.        Favourite colour:  I couldn’t possibly choose!  Ack!  I love white, I love sea-green and of course there is pink, ohhh and orange, pale blue…or red, white and blue.  Sorry!

2.       Favourite Animal:  this is hard!  I would have to go with a lovely, loyal dog (preferably one slightly more obedient than my own little mad Max),

3.       Favourite number:  13!  The day my son was born J

4.       Favourite non-alcoholic drink:  I do love elderflower fizz, but really you can’t beat a good cup of tea!  English breakfast is my favourite, comforting brew.

5.       Facebook or twitter:  Facebook without a doubt – it’s such a lovely, easy way to keep in touch with friends and family all over the globe.

6.       What’s your passion:  My family, cooking and baking, my garden and being out and about in nature – I go a bit dotty if I am inside too long!

7.       Giving or receiving:  giving – now that one was easy!

8.       Favourite pattern:  I am yet another Cath Kidston fan, so anything vintage, dreamy, whimsical and girly.

9.       Favourite day of the week:  Saturday when the family are all together and the weekend is laid out in front of us, full of possibilities.

10.   Favourite flower:  Peonies – especially the pale pink ones.  Bliss!

Max the dog at Makara...much to his dismay he has to stay on the leash as he is determined to hurl himself over the edge of the cliffs chasing seagulls...silly doggy!

Hubby has taken the boys off for a wild walk along the coast at Makara as I am feeling so horrible because of this darn flu (note to self…get a flu shot next year!).  So I think I will creep back under the covers again.  I have dug out a wonderful, old comforting book I adore – The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher – so might just have a few quiet moments reading in bed.  Take care lovely peeps and have a good week!  Becks xxx


  1. Thankyou So much,lovely Becks,what a great honour,will blog in the week.I hope you feel well again soon,keep warm and lots of fluids(Tea always works for me ;) )
    Love your boy Max,great piccie,why dont they ever see danger,lol.Take care,lots of love,xoxoxo

    1. I think tea has special powers, he he - it always cheers me up to sit and have a cuppa :-) Have a good week. Becks xxx

  2. Hi Becks - sorry to hear you are ill. i have had a virus thing that has been 'slow burning' for a month. You wake and think ts gone and it reappears - aah I hate being held up by it. Hope you are better soon. Lily. xxx

    1. Oh no - sorry to hear you have been ill too. We need to find a magic potion to make us better, lol! Last winter I tried olive leaf and also oregano, but they really taste simply yuck and didnt seem to do much good. Take care hon, Becks x

  3. Oh no, I hope you feel better soon! x

  4. poor you! Hope you feel better soon!

    Thank you for passing on the award, that was so sweet of you. I will do it justice at some point. I have a couple I haven't done anything with but I'll do them all justice soon.


    1. Your welcome - you deserve the award/s - your blog is bloody brilliant - it always makes me smile! Becks x

  5. Hope you feel better soon! I love pink peonies and the Shell Seekers is such a wonderful book:)

  6. Hello Becks, lovely to have found your blog - we must be kindred spirits as I too LOVE the shell seekers, it's such a comforting read (and I have always wanted a kitchen like the one described at Oakley St!) hope you feel better soon, Lucy