Sunday, 25 November 2012

Countdown to Christmas!

"Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store.  Maybe Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more."
  The Grinch by Dr Suess

Despite spending my childhood growing up in New Zealand, I am not sure I will ever get used to having Christmas in the middle of summer - it feels oddly decadent - like we get to have our cake and eat it too!  I do miss the snowy winters I experienced in the US and the cosy, wet ones in England, but I really can't complain right now because the sun is shinning and the garden is all in bloom - bliss!

My wildflower meadow in the back garden - a bit scruffy but oh so lovely!

Today I am busy playing Christmas carols and wrapping up the gifts I bought which need to be posted overseas to loved ones in England and America.  This year I was determined to buy as many hand-made or NZ designed gifts as possible and I found some real treausres:

A gorgeous hand-made monkey for a darling little niece...

A pretty bag for a sister-in-law who adores anything that is green, floral or vintage...

A whimsical, pretty pot-mit and matching tea towel for a dear friend...

I'd better not post anymore of the pressies on here - people might be peeking! 

For me (and many others on the planet) I can find this time of year to be a bit nerve wracking.  There is always so much going on!  So I am making sure I take some time out when I can just to focus on the simple joys in life and realise that this time of year is not about 'keeping up with the Jones's'.  I love pottering around in the garden and have just planted some lovely young salad veggies, which I am hoping will be ready to eat by Xmas:

My lovely lettuce babies all tucked into the raised bed - grow babies grow!!!  Oh and please excuse the 'weeds' in the background - I just love sunny little buttercups and dont have the heart to hack them all to bits with the weed whacker!

Right, enough time on the computer - I can hear the washing machine beeping and nagging me to go and hang all the freshly washed linen on the line!  Then I am off to do some baking and make some more home-made Christmas gifts - individual yummy little fruit cakes, jars of jam, chutney and fudge (okay not all in the same jar - that doesnt sound good at all!). 
Hopefully I wont leave it so long before I post seems to be especially busy this year, but I do love dipping into blogland and seeing what everyone is up to.  Becks xxx


  1. Ooooooh look at all those beautiful gifts! What lucky folk to receive such gorgeous things. We really have to catch up before Christmas hon. With or without kids and husbands!! Will call soon.

  2. I totally love that orange monkey! Whoever gets that for a present will be very happy indeed. It's a fantastic day out there for lettuces today. I'll bet they're huge by now. And good for you for not weed-wacking the buttercups.

  3. If we must have weeds, let them be Buttercups. I like them too. I've been known to pick them and put them in tiny vases. And nothing says 'love' more than a hand made soft monkey! Adorable.