Saturday, 14 January 2012

Birthday bliss!

Well I had my birthday this past week and I have to say that they really dont hold the same delight they did when I was a child 'sigh'.  Somehow aging is not nearly quite so thrilling as it once was, ha ha!  However, my lovely family gave me a really sweet day filled with all the things that make me smile.  Hubby served me freshly baked croissants and coffee for breakfast, while my dear little son was very keen to help me unwrap my presents.  This year I got a really 'big' present - something I have coveted and desired for many years.  Hubby (he who hates shopping with a passion) amazed me by hitting the sales after xmas to purchase this gem..below.  My gorgeous shiny new kitchenaid mixer - oh the joy!!!

Some of my extended family came round later in the day to help me celebrate and hubby surprised me again with a birthday cake he had made.  This is the only the 2nd cake he has ever made in his forty something years on the planet (the first was a joint effort when we were first married 14 years ago, as I was so shocked he had never baked).  Knowing I love all things feminine and girly he set out to make me a very girly cake and boy did he succeed!  I think my seven year old self would have been rather impressed with this cake all those years ago!  Ta da!

Unfortunately the sun decided not to put in an appearance on my birthday, despite it supposedly being summer here in New Zealand.  In fact it was quite a stormy day with howling winds and rain pouring down.  However, I am happy to be by the sea in any weather whatsoever, so head off to the coast we did.  It was magical watching the huge waves smashing into the rocks and racing up the beach.  I am afraid most of my photos didnt come out very well, but the one below is a favourite one of the island, which gives 'Island Bay' in Wellington its name.  Most of my family live in Island Bay and I spent many happy days at the beach there while growing up.  Now days the beach is a favourite spot of my young sons, so la dolce vita continues!  As you can see in the photo below, it was rather stormy that day...

So am I any wiser now that I am another year older?  I would like to think so, he he.  I think this year I am going to try and live more like a gay man, ha ha.  I think every woman should have a gay best friend (aka GBF)- they are wonderful creatures who make the world a better place.  One of my dearest friends in high school and college was my gay best friend.  Now I dont want to stereotype all gay men here, but in my experience they tend to be utter domestic goddesses, fashion stars and health freaks. My GBF  has impeccable taste and an amazing eye for design, but the thing I always loved the most about him was his ability to make me laugh.  We went through some tough times together when we were young.  Just when I graduated from University I was diagnosed with a horrible health condition that required major surgery right away.  I remember the day I finally got home from hospital.  We went for a gentle walk together in the woods near my home.  Eventually we came to the river and someone had tied a very frayed and precarious looking rope to a tree way above the river below.  My friend stood there, designer sun glasses in one hand and the rope in the other, lamenting loudly over what kind of idiot would place such a decrepit old rope there, when suddenly he lost his footing and whoosh!  He swung out over the river, holding on to the rope with only one hand, as I stared after him in utter surprise.  However as he swung back, the look of horror and shock on his face made me realise quickly that he had not intended this tarzan-like display at all - rather he had sliped and swung out by accident.  In the next moment as he lost his grip on the rope and fell with a loud splash into the river below, I almost burst my stitches I was laughing so hard!  Luckily my dear friend was fine, just a little damp with a slightly bruised rear and a very bruised ego!  Oh happy days.  My friend put this picture below on his facebook page recently and I simply love it, so dear friend in honour of you and your simply fabulous ways I will share it here. 


  1. Oh hon - I am suffering from major birthday gift envy!!! I will make sure G reads this post and takes the hint! He did so well with the cake - that's just amazing. We need to have our combined catch up at Martha's as soon as these small people go back to school ok!

    In the meantime, you might want to have a look at a new blog I found (one of G's clients) - another Welly blogger! Delicious!

  2. wishing you a happy belated birthday!

    your hubby did a lovely job on your pretty cake! sounds like you had a very sweet day.