Saturday, 7 July 2012

School Holidays

Life has been crazy busy lately.  It's the winter school holidays here in New Zealand and so my little boy has been home, which is just bliss.  The time seems to fly by!  The poor lad has had to attend quite a few hospital appointments - he had problems with his heart a few months ago and the doctors are still doing lots of tests and things to try and figure out what is going on.  They have ordered a 'sleep deprivation test', which feels like absolute torture as it means nobody in the house gets any sleep - OMG!  I turn into such a grouchy beast :-(

Then we had a 7.0 earthquake on the one night we were due to get a good nights sleep and of course my poor boy was totally freaked out by that (so was Mummy!).  It felt like some giant had picked up our house and shook it, for what seemed like an age.  Scary!  No major damage though - just a crack in the ceiling upstairs.  Sigh.

So due to the above mentioned horrible things, we have been trying extra hard to have some fun too.  We started by going to the movies to see 'Brave', which was brilliant and so funny!  Then we wrapped up warm in our woollies and hit the beach to watch the giant waves, search for treasures like seashells and sea glass.  We bought our trusty thermos of hot chocolate with us and tried to eat our sandwiches without the wind blowing too much sand in them - I figure its extra fibre right? 

So needless to say I have once again been neglecting my blog and my lovely blog reading, but such is life.  Sometimes you just need to stop, hug the ones you love and forget about everything else. 

Hope your all have a great weekend!  Becks xxx


  1. It sure was a a shake...the unusual ones, like that one was, are pretty unnerving. It seemed to last for ages and amazing how much thinking you can get done in that priority was getting some pjyamas on! Pleased we were driving when yesterday's one happened. Hope you get to do some more fun things this coming week.

  2. What perfect timing! I haven't been on the computer for blimmin' ages and now that I get a chance I spot your post!! How are you honey? I'm glad you're enjoying the holidays. I had to laugh at your sand-in-the-sandwiches comment. You can't escape it at this time of the year can you. Would love to catch up this week if you're free. Talk soon,

  3. Hi - how frightening the earthquake must be. We had a small one here a couple of years ago (about 5.6) and that felt like someone shaking the house out of the ground. I am sorry to hear that the doctors haven't found the cause of your little son's illness. It must be terribly worrying for you all. How long are your winter holidays? I am so glad I can home educate Little Son as I would miss him terribly if he had to go to school. Is home education allowed in NZ? I know that it is illegal in some countries. Hope you sleep better tonight. Lily. xxx