Monday, 30 July 2012

What shall we have for dinner?

I have been away from blogland for a few weeks.  Life has been a little it is sometimes.  Hubby has been away for work for the past 6 weeks and we have really missed him.  We've had the usual run of winter bugs and lurgies, plus a few added dramas to add some grey hairs to my head.  But things have calmed down now - phew. 

So I stand in my kitchen this morning and stare outside, past the teapots and out into the garden where the rain is softly tumbling down.  Then I do what women (and men...but mostly women) do all over the world each and every day - I think "what shall we have for dinner tonight".  Okay, so if I am honest, this is usually the kind of thing I think about at around 4pm or 'gasp' much later (those are the days when little son gets real kiddy food for his dinner, like baked beans and sausages, while I figure out something more elaborate for hubby and me). 

Honestly, I really don't mind cooking, in fact I rather like it and consider myself to be quite alright at it, thank you very much.  But the monotony of deciding what to have can become a real bother.  However, I have a new wee fabulous pot of ideas I can dip into now...PINTEREST!  Yes, my addiction to the visual wonderland has been providing me with some fabulous ideas for our family dinners lately.  The great thing is that most of the recipes and ingredients are very family friendly - quite healthy and not too costly. FABULOUS!!! 

Tonight we are heading south of the border and having 'Mexican Chicken Casserole' - yummo!  Its brilliant frankly as it is such an easy thing to throw together in the morning (or the night before), then bang into the oven an hour before dinner time.  So here below is my creation for tonight's dinner:

It really was super easy to make (and I cheated a little too, just to speed things up).

I used:

2 chicken breasts (diced up)
1 can of organic adzuki beans (because I was out of red kidney beans)
1 can of cannellini beans
1 cup of frozen sweet corn
1 bunch of chopped up spring onion
1 clove crushed garlic
1 red onion
1 jar of pasta sauce (told you I cheated a bit!)
1 packet of taco seasoning (cheating again, I know - easy peasy!)

Then I just put it in the fridge until an hour before dinner.  Just before serving I will grate some cheese over the top and let that melt (any cheese is fine - I am going to use provolone tonight as I love the way it melts).  I serve it with a few plain tortilla chips (organic and store bought), which thrills my men folk to no end!

So there you have it - low fat, low GI, high fibre, economical and best of all easy to make!  The best thing is you can also adjust this recipe to suit what you have in your pantry/fridge or garden. 

Right, time to get back to the real world and tackle the beast that lives in our laundry, 'sigh'.  Have a fab week!  Becks xxx


  1. Hello Becks lovely to hear from you!! I'm glad to hear that things have calmed down for you now!! I too have been away from blogland for the last month, in fact i've just published a blog post to kind of explain why, but also, like you, a lot of other little dramas have been going on - as if we hadn't enough to cope with :) - still, everything is hopefully getting back on to an even keel now, i've missed your blog xx - Yum the casserole looks great - I really might just give it a go, I am always lost for inspiration when it comes to cooking, much love xxx

  2. Hi Becks - its lovely to hear from you again. I am sorry things have been difficult for you - I hope they are settling down. I feel exactly the way you do about cooking. I really enjoy it, but its so hard sometimes to think what to do and there are days when, like you, four oclock comes and I haven't planned anything or I am in the middle of something and just don't want to have to interrupt the flow. For us, those are the days when I grab fishfingers and frozen chips or if its even naughtier we have take out. Lily. xxx

  3. Hi gorgeous girl! I have absolutely loved this post - I found myself nodding along with the 'what to have for dinner' thoughts. You're right - it is tedious isn't it. I hope hubby is home soon. We're home now from our hols so if you need a hand with anything, just shout. And thank you for the gorgeous recipe. I will most definitely be making that (I even have everything I need in the pantry which makes me feel like a right little housewife - woohoo!!!).

  4. Love the teapots - & the casserole sounds good too. Have a good week.

  5. If our household had an FAQ, "What's for dinner?" would be top of the list! I have made up a house menu for those days when I'm stumped for ideas, or just can't be bothered deciding what to cook. I open up the house menu, and there are all our easy favourites. I pretend I'm at a restaurant and decide what to order... and there's the dinner plan, just like that. Hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for sharing your tea pots. Good to know there are other people with a nice selection.